Grandmaster Puzzles

Hand-crafted logic puzzles
by the best puzzle designers
for all who love puzzles

Following the sudoku boom of 2005, wave upon wave of logic puzzles flooded our shores. Publishers rushed to capitalize on the craze but quantity — not quality — ruled the day. After experiencing so many bland and repetitive computer-generated puzzles, it's easy to lose interest.

Grandmaster Puzzles rises above this flood with elegant, hand-crafted designs written by some of the world's best puzzle constructors. A Grandmaster Puzzle might stand out for its visual appearance — amazing you as an apparent work of art doubles as a puzzle. A Grandmaster Puzzle might stand out for its solving steps — with a unique, logical path that makes you think you are reading the constructor's mind as you unravel each new layer. Above all, a Grandmaster Puzzle will stand out from the other logic puzzles out there, treating your mind to countless delights.

Whether you are new to puzzles, or have solved thousands of sudoku and calcudoku and other styles, you'll find much to enjoy in the works published here. Each of our titles offers a range of easy to fiendish puzzles. A free sampling of each work is available here, but these only skim the surface of what you'll find in the complete works.