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This page contains a listing of other puzzle collections from our contributing puzzlemasters.

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LOTS O' LITS - by Grant Fikes and Prasanna Seshadri

This ebook is packed with lots of LITS puzzles, a fun shading puzzle genre. Grant and Prasanna have pulled out all the stops in designing these 41 puzzles, including two giant puzzles. With difficulties from easy to hard, and hints in the back to help you solve each puzzle, this is a great collection to learn how to LITS.

Fill o' Fillomino - by Grant Fikes

This ebook is filled with Fillomino, a region devision puzzle style originally from Japan. Puzzlemaster Grant Fikes has written this rich collection of 40 puzzles, including five giant puzzles ranging from easy to hard.

Tapa-Like Loop Collection - by Prasanna Seshadri

This ebook contains a collection of Tapa-Like Loop puzzles from puzzlemaster Prasanna Seshadri. Will you be able to draw a single loop in each grid to obey all of the number clues? This collection features 34 puzzles, including one giant puzzle, with a range of difficulties for beginners and experts alike to enjoy.

More titles coming in 2017

Look for more titles in 2017, including a new collection of Nanro puzzles from Prasanna Seshadri.