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“The Art of Puzzles 2: Double Trouble”

Continuing the collection of puzzle masterpieces begun in The Art of Puzzles, many of the world's best puzzle authors have come together again for this title. The Art of Puzzles 2 contains five new styles with classic puzzles and "doubled" variations for extra difficulty. Each section has 50 hand-crafted puzzles, with hints for every puzzle to help you solve them and become a better puzzler.

Each part is $4 but any part you buy will decrease the total cost of the collection ($16) later. In other words, $12 to complete after one purchase, $8 after two, and so on). So feel free to try your favorite GMPuzzles styles first.

Note: Only the Yajilin section is currently released so the other purchase buttons are disabled.

The Art of Puzzles 2:

Yajilin &
Double Yajilin
Buy now: $4

The Art of Puzzles 2:

Double LITS
Coming in May

The Art of Puzzles 2:

Spiral Galaxies &
Double Spiral Galaxies
Coming Soon

The Art of Puzzles 2:

Kakuro &
Double Kakuro
Coming Soon

The Art of Puzzles 2:

Minesweeper &
Double Minesweeper
Coming Soon

Full collection coming soon