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“Classic Puzzle and Variations Series” by Serkan Yürekli

Puzzlemaster Serkan Yürekli has written this amazing set of eBooks that explores classic puzzle styles and their many related variations. Each eBook has a mix of puzzles with visually and logically interesting themes, ranging from easy to very hard in difficulty.

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Tapa and Variations

Tapa, a shading puzzle genre invented by Serkan Yürekli, was an "instant classic" after being introduced in 2007. Will you be able to shade in the Tapa to satisfy all the clues?

This collection of 65 puzzles includes 17 new classic Tapa (including 1 giant), 36 new puzzles spread across 9 variations, and 12 favorites from past puzzle competitions.

Kakuro and Variations

Kakuro, or Cross Sums, is a classic arithmetic puzzle genre that involves adding digits to each cell to satisfy sum clues. This eBook will push your mathematical skills to the limit.

This collection of 77 puzzles includes 13 new classic Kakuro (including 1 giant), 56 new puzzles spread across 7 variations, and 8 favorites from past puzzle competitions.

Snake and Variations

Snake puzzles involve drawing a one-cell wide path in a grid based on outside clues giving the number of cells occupied in each row/column. While the rules are simple, the puzzles can be quite tricky with the range of variations introducing many new challenges.

This collection of 65 puzzles includes 12 new classic Snakes, 44 new puzzles spread across 11 variations, 1 giant Snake combining eight different styles, and 8 favorites from past puzzle competitions.

More variations coming in 2017

Serkan is planning to add several more styles to this series in the next year. Keep a watch on this page for schedule updates.